The Notre Dame

A man called Maurice de sully started construction in 1163 , The Cathedral was supposed to be build in the new Gothic style which was achieved , But had to modify that Paris was the capital of France which many people didnet  understand, The notre dame has always been the religious centre and a prototype for many other future cathedrals  to work off .It took until 1345 to finish the notre Dame kinda because the design was enlarged during construction. The result is an amazing old building  building, 128m long  with two 69 meter tall towers . The spire, which reaches 90m , was added in the 19th century . The Notre-Dame  has several large Beautiful  windows, the northern 13th century window is the most impressive.

During the french Revolution, many of the cathedral's sculptures, gargoyles and architecture
  work  was removed or demolished.

It wasn't until the 19th century before the Cathedral was fully Back to its old self  thanks to Victor Hugo,  His book  inspired,the Pre-she-ans to  realise the cathedral was worth restoring. The 20 year long construction was led by , Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc. Viollet-le-Duc made Intense  Alterations to the building and he was the one who added the spire. The cathedral was restored again between 1991 and 2001, This time the Notre doe was CAREFULLY preserved
every year the notre dame  gets payed millions of visits!!  in 2006 it was recorded that it god 13.7million  which works  out to be around 35 thousand people a day!!!This is the most visited French and possibly European monument.

To enter, The admission is free,
due to the size you can easily spent half an hour walking around it, To go up to the bell towers and  stand on the balcony  you do have to pay a fee and also to go see the treasures ,  The Notre dame  is  still  an Active church  for  Catholic faith  but I'm guessing with  35 thousand  a day its used most as a tourist attraction , because I'm  sure most people in the Que wernt there to pray

Now, This building was shown in the movie "Hunchback of Notre Dame" Which is just one of the resons why so many people come, There are  5 different Movies  1923, 1939,1956,1977,and 1996 they are all great , The movie Originates of Victor Huges book the Notre Dame De paris, which he wrote in 1829, he said he would finish it the same year but he was to busy,In 1830 he was told to finish it by 1831,The hunchback of Notredame is real, His skeleton was found in the northern part of Ila de la Cite in Seinen, february 15th of 2010. although he was around about 1885 nobody knows when he  died,

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