Bramhall Hall

The Bramall Hall is A Beautiful Tudor Style Manor house Located In Bramhall (Stockport United Kingdom
The hall is one of the most  grandest Black and white Tudor styled Manors In all of Cheshire

The Oldest parts of the building date  all the way back to the 14th Century, with additional changes later made introducing a more Modern Victorian style  in the 16th Century and more throughout the 19th so the additional construction started from1501 finishing in around 1850  which  was when they added the Red Brick

The  Family who Owned Bramall Hall for the longest period of time were ,The Davenports,
They were Extremely wealthy and at the time they owned lots of land in the North West Of England,
The Davenport family Owned this particular property for over 500 years and passed it down through many generations

William Davenport the 5th was lord King of the manor from 1478 to 1528 and it was said He Was Heavily involved In the Final war of the roses in Bosworth  he had inherited The Bramhall Hall in 1585 from his father which  had the same name, William the 5th lived at Bramall hall with his wife Dorothy for over 50 years. At one stage it was rented to the owner and founder of Christie Jewelry who lived there until he died

The Bramhall hall grounds are just over 70 Ace's Which is absolutely Huge  and Use  to be used in the 1500s for horse riding and Grand occasions, In the grounds there are parkland's, Woodlands, and not to mention the lakes

The Bramhall hall Has opened up a museum  and a gift shop where you can see exclusively what it was like  back in those days,Plus You can dress up Just like they did , Visitors can take a Tour or walk freely around this beautiful property. There are many weddings and functions that are now held in the ballroom and the property is run by the council

After my time in Bramhall i though it was amazing the Ballroom was beautiful. I would SO recommend going at any time of the year even if it is just to walk around the grounds

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