The Lourve Musseum

The Louvre originated  from a royal palace back in the 14Th century,when  king Louis XIV-14 decided to move to the Versailles Palace they started to put art work in, I personally have been there it is a very beautiful historic place the walls are painted and there is over 14Km To walk around
the Louvre was built in 1793 the Louvre opened up to the Public which was around the time Australia was discovered which means Australia isn't very old compared To The whole of Europe
The newest edition to the Louvre is the glass dome, some people have different Opinions about it, me  hm i don't think i like it. i liked it when it have that really awesome beautiful garden because The Louvre is a very amazing old Historical place  and they just come and introduce something modern  its just not right in a area like that. that's like putting hip hop music in a church it doesn't belong does it?
The lourve holds many famous art works that go back all the way to the 13-14-15 century such as the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo

Venus of Milo         The Louvre                 The Dome                           The Mona Lisa

Venus of Milo, Louvre Museum, ParisLouvre, ParisLouvre PyramidSee adjacent text.


Arch of Triumph

Arch of Triumph

The Arch of Triumph  is one of the most famous landmarks  in Paris it is where the burial Of the unknown soldiers lie from world war one
It is at the end of the Camps DE Elysèes - shont a Lee zay (English)and it is a circuit starting at the Louvre where a mini  Arch of Triumph is,
It was built in 1808 by a man called Jean Chalgrin but he died soon after in 1812 so a man called  Jean-Nicolas Huyot Took  over the job
A Man Called Victor Marie Hugo Died he was a very famous Poet, Writer,Play-writer and he played music
he was buried under the arch of Triumph in 1885
Did you know its one of the biggest and busiest round abouts in the world?
Also If you cross it its like 1 step Forward 2 steps back 5 steps Forward 3 steps back and its so confusing but for those people that look there is a tunnel to go under neath which also is where you can buy tickets to up and stand on the balcony
I myself have been there its pretty cool but i saw a person walk on a grave he got told off. Its a very respectful place. So when your visiting paris go see a monument of paris see something histrocical like The arch of triumph


Eiffel tower :)

The Eiffel tower was built in 1889 by a man called Gustave Eiffel it was finished in 1889 so it took 2 years to make
since 2004 it has been the tallest building in Paris France over 10 Million people visit every year,
To walk to the first level its 300 steps and from the 1st to the 2Nd its 300 as well But the third and last level you can not walk to, It is about 66 stories away from the second floor so you would need to catch an elevator, On first and second floors there  are cafès to eat at  and toilet use and also toilet use on the top but no cafès.
Only one man died during the making of the Eiffel tower
The Eiffel tower was made for the world fair to celebrate the french Revolution .
Thomas Edison visited the Eiffel tower and signed a guest check in list  he stayed there for 4 and a half hours look out the view  and checking that all the engineering was right
Ever Hitler walked to the top to put the german flag on it
When it all comes togeather...
Everyone likes the eiffel tower,or dreams to go there  and i think i know why

Marco Polo!!

Marco Polo
Marco Was Born in 1252 But nobody seems to know which month,and he died in  January 1324

Marco Was born and lived in Venice, He is know for exploring. When he was 6 years old Marco's father  and uncle went out and travelled, When they got back Marco was 17 and his mother had passed away which had shocked Marco's father very much. For 2 more years they all stayed in Venice but for Marco's father there wasn't enough excitement so they once again  set off with Marco this time to travel, At the time Marcos father though it was a great idea for his son to travel the world and see things most other kids couldn't.It was a very long and difficult journey to china (Cathay) at the end of the year 1271 They passed through Armenia, Persia, and Afghanistan, over the Pamirs, and all along the Silk Road to China. It was such a long and tiring trip, After going over 3 more desserts, they had finally made it in 1275 By then it had been 3 and half years since they left Venice and they had travelled total of 5600 miles on the journey.

What Marco Discovered
Marco Discovered many different things not just land but also on his way home he discovered eye glasses, ice-cream, spaghetti,noodles, herbs, spices and the riches of Asia! since no body believed that he found the riches and showed them and that's when  he started to become famous,also he discovered many countries such as Katie McBay,Rowan Ireland,Jodie Mcivor and Paisley Welsh
He was a great explorer he was very brave


Leonardo Di Vinci

Mona lisa
Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
born on the 15Th of April 1452 Da Vinci lived until May 2, 1519 (aged 67)

Leonardo was known for many different things,some say he was a superhuman Leonardo had many talents such as Painting,Mathematics,Scientist,writer,Botanist (flower/plant researcher)
Leonardo was born in Florence a peasant lady as his mother and
Piero da Vinci as his father,Piero da Vinci was a very wealthy man and gave Leonardo the best education he possibly could.Not much is known about Leonardo's early life apart from that he lived anchiano for the first 5 years of his life,Later on his father married a 16 year old girl who loved Leonardo very deeply but she died young
when Leonardo was 16 his father had gotten married again to a 20 year old Francesca.
In 1517, Leonardo moved to the Chateau of Cloux, near Amboise in France, where he died on 2 May 1519

The painting of the Mona Lisa
 He began
painting the Mona Lisa in 1503 or 1504 in Florence, Italy and finishedn in 1507
made for a man named Francesco Del Giocondo. The Mona Lisa is supposed to be Francesco's wife but some believe that its Leonardo as a women because his face fits Perfectly into the painting.
Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa at the Sistine Chapel in Rome Italy.
On August 21 1911 the Mona Lisa was stolen, it was not noticed until the next day mid afternoon, Around 60 investigators were looking for the famous painting. After two years then being 1913 of hearing no word about the real Mona Lisa investigators had done it they had matched the finger print that was on the Mona Lisa's casing which was left of the stair case in 1911. Alfredo Geri was found guilty, after many arrests for Innocent people they had found the man who had stolen the great painting,it has now been 100 years with the Mona Lisa been untouched now still in its casing in the Louvre where it belongs because it truly is a piece of amazing history.

The painting of last super
Leonardo's best piece of work from the 1490s is the last supper,which was painted in Milan the painting represents the last meal with Jesus crist before he was killed, painted in 1495 it took  3 years to make so he was finished in 1948
it was made for duke Ludovico Sforza  and his duchess Beatrice d'sedza
In the late 90's the painting was majorly damaged and took 21 years to restore and moved it to a more controlled  environment,When shown to the public they noticed  the dramatic changes  To the colours tones and even little bits of facial shapes,and it is now held in the Luther museum in Germany

Leonardo's inventions
Leonardo had one of the most creative minds in the world which he used for inventing things. Leonardo did not attend any university for formal education.
invented the parachute, the hand-glider,diving gear,an army tank,an early bicycle,musical instruments, hydraulic pumps, finned mortar shells, steam cannon,flying machines,scissors,helicopter,and an light hang glider. But most of his inventions were left unfinished. A few hundred years after Leonardo died the helicopter was built. submarine,a flying machine and many war tools.
Leonardo loved to invent and if it wasnt for him we wouldnt be able to have all these things today.