Saint Peters In the Vatican City

For many many  century's Saint peters has been has been  the centre of the Catholic Faith , The Church has the biggest inside design for a Catholic Church in the whole world and it can fit just over 60 thousand people ,The history of this Basilica dates all the way back to just under 2000 years ago for the pope St peter, and it was also named after him ,When he was buried he was made a monument but after 300 years later the small monument was taken down and replaced by  this basilica , After more and more time the Basilica grew into a ruin and in order to help keep the basilica Pope Nicolas the 5th Ordered for it to be put under restoration and to make it bigger in the 15th century which was just over 500 years ago But the new work on the basilica didn't start until after the death of pope Nicolas the 5th so the new pope Julius the 2nd lay-ed the first stone work began and that was in 1506 , lots of artist and architects were noted and one of the most Popular and famous was Micheal Anglo  he designed lots of it , Sadly Micheal died in 1624 2 years before the basilica was finished

It has the largest dome in the  world its 138 metres into the sky, Some people don't know but you can go up the dome by elevator or walking but walking is the cheaper option  You can pay 5 Euros to use the stairs and climb up or you pay 12 Euros to take the elevator  up to a certain level and then walk  up by the stairs
The Swiss guards  at the Vatican gates protect the Sacred city  it is a very protected city because right now Pope Benedict is living there  the Swiss guards have been around for hundreds of years and the ones that guard the Vatican are the only ones  left, Some of them carry a big sword  and more experienced ones carry lots of hidden weapons .It is said that in 1AD jesus Christ Introduced the Catholic Faith,Saint peter back then was known as just Peter and he was Jesus Friend ,From Jalusilum  Peter Fled to Rome to Start up the roman Cathloic Church .he Became the first Pope.To this day there have been 265 pope in Successtion to Peter and there are Many more Popes to come and rule the Cahloic Religon,the French have Captured popes on Two Differnt Occations ,One of the Caputers was by Napoleon the First,There was Alot of Gref from the next pope after that,Even Italys King at the time Victor Emanuale and Garabaldi Had a bit of a Rough Edge with the Catholics, Infact At one Point Being Catholic was Illegal  But then the Catholic Religon came into so much Power it over took That law and it wasnt until Mousilini (1929 Presednt of Italy) came into power that People were Paid out for the Arguing Between Rome and The Vatican City

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