Napoleon Emperor

Napoleon Bonaparte
15th August 1769-1821
South of  Corsica near the Mediterranean sea

Napoleon Bonaparte was only 9 years old when he went to military school and when he was 29 he was put up several times and then he was made commander of the French army.
After Many Wars that's had been such as the Nile war Napoleon had returned to Paris the government was in a crisis so they put Napoleon up for the job He became the first consul in 1802 and then he did a great job leading they decided to make Napoleon Consul for life, He wasn't very sure  about it but Napoleon had loved his job fighting wars and making peace and calming land he had a plan to try and clam the space of the Emperor so for 2 years he did that job until he got offered to be emperor .
Many years later Napoleon had started another war which was with Britten and soon followed Russia's  and Austria and Napoleon had many things happening at that time he had just married Josephine de Beauharnais  which he had no children with he wasn't very happy with (Joey) that's  what he called her so he had gone away to Austria hoping she would forget about him,when he came back He married the daughter of the Austrian Emperor  in hope of having a son in luck he had a little boy 1 year and 3 months later he was called Napoleon The II-2nd
Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812 resulted in a terrible ending. the Russians Defeated, Paris went under and Luckily Napoleon had escaped but he still had his army he went to thirteen kilometres south of Brussels between the French and the battle of Waterloo started this time it didn't go down very well at all The had in prisend  Napoleon and thats  where he died in 5th of may 1821 On the Atlantic Remote island  St Helena

For nearly 23 years of war french army lead by Napoleon Bonaparte , English armylead by Duke of wellington and leading Prussia was the General Blucher
Napoleon was very prepared for this battle the first battle was short 100 days then nobody delcleard peace and the war started again Napoleon keept pushing the boundrys and  couldnt take the time, the  enermies were preparded so when Napoleon was sleeping  which he did very rarely they Captured him with english guards fighting off the french and Prussians they managed and that was the 23 years up. everyone went back and declared peace and some people say that  Napoleon really was a great fighter for france and he was people think he is the greatest fighter that ever lived in history he calmed lots of Europe and some people thanks him for joining land and fightingsome don't but he still  is   famous in history

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