The Lourve Musseum

The Louvre originated  from a royal palace back in the 14Th century,when  king Louis XIV-14 decided to move to the Versailles Palace they started to put art work in, I personally have been there it is a very beautiful historic place the walls are painted and there is over 14Km To walk around
the Louvre was built in 1793 the Louvre opened up to the Public which was around the time Australia was discovered which means Australia isn't very old compared To The whole of Europe
The newest edition to the Louvre is the glass dome, some people have different Opinions about it, me  hm i don't think i like it. i liked it when it have that really awesome beautiful garden because The Louvre is a very amazing old Historical place  and they just come and introduce something modern  its just not right in a area like that. that's like putting hip hop music in a church it doesn't belong does it?
The lourve holds many famous art works that go back all the way to the 13-14-15 century such as the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo

Venus of Milo         The Louvre                 The Dome                           The Mona Lisa

Venus of Milo, Louvre Museum, ParisLouvre, ParisLouvre PyramidSee adjacent text.

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