Marco Polo!!

Marco Polo
Marco Was Born in 1252 But nobody seems to know which month,and he died in  January 1324

Marco Was born and lived in Venice, He is know for exploring. When he was 6 years old Marco's father  and uncle went out and travelled, When they got back Marco was 17 and his mother had passed away which had shocked Marco's father very much. For 2 more years they all stayed in Venice but for Marco's father there wasn't enough excitement so they once again  set off with Marco this time to travel, At the time Marcos father though it was a great idea for his son to travel the world and see things most other kids couldn't.It was a very long and difficult journey to china (Cathay) at the end of the year 1271 They passed through Armenia, Persia, and Afghanistan, over the Pamirs, and all along the Silk Road to China. It was such a long and tiring trip, After going over 3 more desserts, they had finally made it in 1275 By then it had been 3 and half years since they left Venice and they had travelled total of 5600 miles on the journey.

What Marco Discovered
Marco Discovered many different things not just land but also on his way home he discovered eye glasses, ice-cream, spaghetti,noodles, herbs, spices and the riches of Asia! since no body believed that he found the riches and showed them and that's when  he started to become famous,also he discovered many countries such as Katie McBay,Rowan Ireland,Jodie Mcivor and Paisley Welsh
He was a great explorer he was very brave

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